Nepean Girls Hockey Association               


NGHA Mailing Address
60 Charing Rd.
Ottawa ON K2G 4E8

NGHA Board of Directors
NGHA Volunteers
NGHA House League Convenors
NGHA House League Coaches & Managers
NGHA Development Stream Coaches & Managers
NGHA Competitive Convenors
NGHA Competitive Coaches & Managers

NGHA Board of Directors

Position Name Phone
President Phil Clarke 613-228-4467
Vice-President Jason Corrigan 613-823-7956
Treasurer Tony Matson 613-863-9613
Secretary Tracy Lafreniere 613-823-6679
Registrar Joanne Erbach 613-727-3564
Ice Director Andrew Thompson 613-822-4267
Coach Development Ali Speer 613-489-0572
Competitive Director Dana Mulvihill 613-355-2166
House League Director Les Banks 613-794-9000
House League Director Tracey Gillies 613-277-7625
Director Policy, Risk and Safety Monica Armstrong 613-440-4822
Director at Large Keith MacEwen 613-864-8188
Director at Large Jarrett Thompson

NGHA Volunteers

Position Name Phone
Ice Scheduler TBD
Equipment Bill Rivers
Certification Monica Armstrong  
FUNdamentals Coach Madison Erbach 613-620-3564
DS Convenor Karla Clarke
Bingo Coordinator Carole-Ann Fenning 613-825-8874
Head Timekeeper Sherry Jones 613-294-5534
Timekeeping Assignor Sherry Jones 613-294-5534
Webmaster Keith MacEwen  
Tournament Registrar Murray Cameron
Tournament Director Aija Moorcroft
Tournament Director Jana Seymour

NGHA House League Convenors

Position Name Phone
FUNdamentals Convenor Joanne Erbach 613-727-3564
Novice HL Convenor Tracey Gillies 613-277-7625
Atom HL Convenor Tracey Gillies 613-277-7625
Peewee HL Convenor Karla Clarke
Bantam HL Convenor Monica Armstrong 613-440-4822
Midget HL Convenor Andrew Thompson 613-822-4267

NGHA House League Coaches & Managers

Team Position Name Phone
Novice 1 Coach Burke Murphy
  Manager Laura McCullough
  Manager Laura Wood
Novice 2 Coach Caitlin Stenman
  Manager Wally Mendonca
Novice 3 Coach Ray Murphy
  Manager Kathryn Cimpello
Novice 5 Coach Wayne Liepmann
  Manager Rebecca Shewfelt
  Manager Angie Lennox
Novice 6 Coach Greg MacEwen
  Manager James Leppard
Novice 7 Coach Christopher Cote
  Manager Tim Dedekker
Novice 8 Coach Stephen Williamson
  Manager Lisa Camilucci
Atom 1 Coach Brian Loveys
  Manager Greg Morin
Atom 2 Coach Sean Culligan
  Manager Lindsay Carreau
Atom 3 Coach Kim Richer
  Manager Lauri Cabral
Atom 4 Coach Arjo Mukherjee
  Manager Tara Ramsey
Atom 5 Coach Vince Maroncelli
  Manager Jared Badley
Atom 6 Coach Phil Bergeron
  Manager June Chiasson
  Manager Kelly Brack
Atom 7 Coach Steve Wilson / Tony Tornberg
  Manager Joanne Robinson
Atom 8 Coach Ron Dunse
  Manager Jessica Caldbick
Peewee 1 Coach Brian Stratton
  Manager Karen Major
Peewee 2 Coach Nicki Vachonwood
  Manager Alfie Abizaid
Peewee 3 Coach Arif Yousuf
  Manager Rafik Gabriel
Peewee 4 Coach Peter McIntosh
  Manager Heather Walls
Peewee 5 Coach Ernie Cecchetto
  Manager Jason Ragaisis
Peewee 6 Coach Troy Richard
  Manager Audree Brookes
Peewee 7 Coach Dave Hunter
  Manager Douglas Clarke
Peewee 8 Coach Mike Hull
  Manager Jennifer Wetmore
Bantam 1 Coach Trevor Poole
  Manager Brenda Papp
Bantam 2 Coach Rob Boyd
  Manager Wendy Baldin
Bantam 3 Coach Scott Boassaly
  Manager Inam Darwiche
Bantam 4 Coach Steve Ellis
  Manager Jana Seymour
Bantam 5 Coach James Owen
  Manager Jennifer Esdaile
Bantam 6 Coach Dino Pezoulas
  Manager Sandy Urwin
Midget 1 Coach Randal Rodger
  Manager Maggie Papoulias
Midget 2 Coach Mike Semenick
  Manager Lina Detorre
Midget 3 Coach John Emond
  Manager Heather MacIver
Midget 4 Coach Glenn Kavanagh
  Manager Astro Groskaufmanis
Midget 5 Coach Jamie Edwards
  Manager Sean McElhinney

NGHA DS Coaches & Managers

Team Position Name Phone
Novice DS Coach Jeff Kerwin
  Manager Stephen Williamson
Atom DS Coach Justin Mayda
  Manager Amie Dunse
Peewee DS Coach Karla Clarke
  Manager Alfonso Abizaid
Bantam DS Coach Jacques Perron
  Manager Shelley Knight

NGHA Competitive Convenors

Position Name Phone
Novice Competitive Convenor Tony Ricciuti 613-295-4668
Atom Competitive Convenor Mike Garcia
Peewee Competitive Convenor Jarrett Thompson
Bantam Competitive Convenor Marty White
Midget Competitive Convenor Dean O'Brien 613-266-6591

NGHA Competitive Coaches & Managers

Team Position Name Phone
NCC Coach Brent Byrnes
  Manager TBD
NCB Coach Mike Garcia
  Manager TBD
ACC Coach Spencer Warren
  Manager Karine Tremblay
ACB Coach Steve Johnson
  Manager TBD
ACA Coach Tony Riccuiti 613-295-4668
  Manager Catie Clapp 613-857-2646
ACAA Coach Jarrett Thompson
  Manager Paula McGuirk-Lemay
PCC Coach Aurele Tremblay
  Manager Tracey Gillies 613-277-7625
PCB Coach Keith MacEwen 613-864-8188
  Manager Steve Bent
PCBB Coach Toby Burkitt
  Manager Michael Hill
PCAA Coach Mike Speer / Pier Martin 613 875 4502
  Manager Paule Desjardins
BCC Coach Claude Boucher
  Manager Aija Moorcroft
BCB Coach Joe Germann
  Manager Annette Tobin 613-843-8441
BCA-W Coach Dean O'Brien 613-266-6591
  Manager Robin Butterfield
BCA-B Coach Eliot Spencer 613-913-2028
  Manager TBD
BCAA Coach James Davidson 613-979-9152
  Manager Jamie Larabie 613-864-9888
MCC Coach Steve Hart 613-884-3488
  Manager Kirsten Devenny 613-407-6942
MCB-W Coach Duane MacNeil 613-866-6557
  Manager Derek Bekkers 613-612-9254
MCB-B Coach Steve Brush 613-371-7686
  Manager Adeline Welsh
MCA Coach Dan Cheney
  Manager Elise Schwartz
MCAA-W Coach Steve Warne
  Manager Elizabeth Richardson
MCAA-B Coach Sue Scherer
  Manager Jane Dudley
IAA Coach Bruce MacDonald  
  Manager Tracey Graham / Maureen Wheeler